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Gustave Caillebotte

Gustave Caillebotte

Self-portrait of Gustave Caillebotte
Full name: Gustave Caillebotte.
Nationality: France.
Year of birth: 1848, Paris.
Year of death: 1894, Gennevilliers, France.
Style: Realism, academism and impressionism.

French painter contemporary to the Impressionist movement and personal friend of Claude Monet, P. A. Renoir, and Camille Pissarro. Unlike them, he did not feel forced to sell his paintings, as he had inherited financial resources. This made his painting more sincere, thus developing a unique style, imbued with impressionism but tending towards realism. He focused on themes of melancholy, loneliness, nostalgia, and peaceful life.

Paintings by Caillebotte

Gustave Caillebotte's paintings are considered to have a unique style, very close to impressionism. The temperature of the colors is almost always on the edge between warm and cold, usually giving the feeling of a frosty environment, pierced by sun rays.

His compositions often offer a different point of view, either through the theme or the very perspective of the figures, a clear example is the first work presented in the list, where the point of observation is unreal and intimate at the same time, a product of the artist's imagination.

  • "Oarsmen Rowing on the Yerres"
    Author: Gustave Caillebotte
    Original title (French): Canotiers ramant sur l'Yerres
    Title in English: Oarsmen Rowing on the Yerres
    Year: 1877
    Style: Impressionism
    Type: Painting
    Technique: Oil
    Support: Canvas
    Location: Private collection

    This is Caillebotte's most recognizable work. It depicts men rowing from an unusual point of view: inside the boat itself.

    The colors, movement, and composition of the figures evoke the tranquility and sportsmanship experienced in central France in the 19th century.

  • "The plain of Gennevilliers, yellow fields"
    Author: Gustave Caillebotte
    Original title (French): La plaine de Gennevilliers, champ jaunes
    Title in English: The plain of Gennevilliers, yellow fields
    Year: 1884
    Style: Impressionism
    Type: Painting
    Technique: Oil
    Support: Canvas
    Located at: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

    The work belongs to a series of 6 landscapes with similar technique, which the painter executed the same year.

    The artistic composition is very simple, showing the plain of Gennevilliers (France), planted with vegetables, which display all kinds of shades and colors.

  • "Man in his bath"

    Caillebotte, 1884
    Title in English: Man in his bath
    Currently at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

  • "The Orange Trees"

    Caillebotte, 1878
    Title in English: The Orange Trees
    In French: Les Orangers
    Currently at the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts Houston).

  • "The Floor Planers"

    Caillebotte, 1875
    Title in English: The Floor Planers
    In French: Les raboteurs de parquet
    Currently at the Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

  • "Sailing Boats at Argenteuil"

    Caillebotte, Circa 1888
    Title in English: Sailing Boats at Argenteuil
    In French: Voiliers à Argenteuil
    Currently at the Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

  • "Paris Street, Rainy Day"

    Caillebotte, 1877
    Title in English: Paris Street; Rainy Day
    In French: la Place de l'Europe, temps de pluie
    Currently located at the Art Institute of Chicago.

  • "Rue Halévy, from the Sixth Floor"

    Caillebotte, 1878
    Currently belongs to a private collector.

  • "The Yerres, Rain"

    Caillebotte, 1875
    Title in English: The Yerres, Effect of Rain
    In French: L'Yerres, pluie
    Currently located at the Indiana University Art Museum, USA.

  • "Portraits in the Countryside"

    Caillebotte, 1876
    Original title (French): Portraits à la campagne
    Currently located at the Baron Gérard Museum, Bayeux, France.

  • "The Europe Bridge"

    Caillebotte, 1876
    Original title (French): Le pont de l'Europe
    Currently located in Musée du Petit Palais, Paris.

  • "Roses"

    Caillebotte, 1886
    Title in English: Roses in the Garden at Petit Gennevilliers
    In French: Les roses
    Currently located in a private collection.

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