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Cuadros de Sorolla al óleo

Sorolla Oil Paintings

Sorolla's paintings dazzle the observer with the meticulous work on light effects. Paintings universally considered as masterpieces, the Valencian is one of the most prolific and talented artists in the history of Spain, his canvases have been exhibited in the best galleries in Europe and America. Learn more about Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida's artworks.

Hand-made reproductions, oil on canvas.
Joaquín Sorolla paintings in our store:

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Sewing the Sail, Sorolla
Sewing the Sail £888.00 GBP
Walk on the Beach, J. Sorolla
Walk on the Beach £224.00 GBP
The bathing hour, Sorolla
The bathing hour £224.00 GBP
Seville Garden Grotto, Sorolla
The White Boat, Sorolla
The White Boat £224.00 GBP
Sea Idyll, Sorolla
Sea Idyll £224.00 GBP
Under the awning zarauz, Sorolla
The Little Sailing Boat, Sorolla
The Horse’s Bath, Sorolla
Breakwater, San Sebastian, Sorolla
María on the Beach at Biarritz, Sorolla
The Skipping Rope
The Skipping Rope £224.00 GBP
Three Sails, Sorolla
Three Sails £224.00 GBP
Boys on the Beach, Sorolla
Boys on the Beach £224.00 GBP
The Fishing, Sorolla
The Fishing £224.00 GBP
Under the Awning, Sorolla
Under the Awning £224.00 GBP
The Siesta, Sorolla
The Siesta £224.00 GBP
Research, Sorolla
Research £224.00 GBP
After Bathing, Sorolla
After Bathing £224.00 GBP
Children Looking for Shellfish, Sorolla
Time for a Bathe, Sorolla
Time for a Bathe £224.00 GBP
White Slave Trade, Sorolla
White Slave Trade £224.00 GBP
Valencian Fisherwomen, Sorolla
After Bathing, Sorolla
After Bathing £224.00 GBP
Capturing the moment, Sorolla
After Bathing, Sorolla
After Bathing £224.00 GBP
Two Sisters, Sorolla
Two Sisters £224.00 GBP
The Fisherman, Sorolla
The Fisherman £224.00 GBP
The Pink Robe. After the Bath, Sorolla
The Pink Robe £224.00 GBP
Girls in the Sea, Sorolla
Girls in the Sea £224.00 GBP
Boats at Rest, Sorolla
Boats at Rest £224.00 GBP
Clotilde and Elena on the Rocks, Sorolla
The Garden, Sorolla
The Garden £224.00 GBP
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