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J. W. Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse

Photograph of J. W. Waterhouse
Full name: John William Waterhouse.
Nationality: England.
Year of birth: 1849, Rome.
Year of death: 1917, London.
Style: Pre-Raphaelite.

Waterhouse's works are filled with Greek and Roman deities, the artist, in his own way, depicts specific scenes of mythological characters, many of them drawn from poets and writers of antiquity. The style of the paintings is called Pre-Raphaelite.

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Works of J. W. Waterhouse

  • "Circe Invidiosa"

    The Greek mythology goddess portrayed by John William Waterhouse. It shows the character standing on...

  • "The Lady of Shalott"

    Painting titled The Lady of Shalott, painted in 1888 by John William Waterhouse, an English artist born in Italy, member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (see on Wikipedia), who mainly developed works inspired by Roman mythology.

    In this case, the character portrayed comes from the homonymous poem by

  • "A Mermaid"

    It is one of the most famous works of John William Waterhouse, painted in 1901.

    Original title (English): A mermaid.

    It is one of the most

  • "Windflowers"

    A work of 19th century American realism, titled "Windflowers", it refers to the name of the flowers seen in the canvas, in Spanish "Anemone". Painted by John William Waterhouse...

  • "Miranda (The Tempest)"

    Oil painting titled "Miranda (The Tempest)", painted in 1916 by John William Waterhouse...

  • "Psyche Opening the Door into Cupid's Garden"

    Work titled "Psyche Opening the Door to Cupid's Garden", painted in 1904 by John William Waterhouse...

  • "Destiny"

    19th-century oil on canvas painting titled "Destiny", created in the year 1900 by John William Waterhouse...

  • "The Siren"

    Oil painting on canvas with a mythological theme, titled "The Siren", created in the year 1900 by John William Waterhouse.

    Original title (English): The Siren.

    The painting depicts a

  • "The Crystal Ball"

    Oil canvas titled "The Crystal Ball", created in 1902 by John William Waterhouse...

  • "Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses"

    Work titled "Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus", painted in 1891 by John William Waterhouse.

    Original title (English): Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus.

    It is about

  • "Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus"

    Painting titled "Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus", painted around the year 1900 by John William Waterhouse.

    It features two maidens in

  • "Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May"

    Work titled "Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May", created in the year 1909 by John William Waterhouse.

    Original title (English): Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May.

    The title is taken from the first line of the poem

  • "Lamia 1909"

    Painting titled "Lamia", painted in 1909 by John William Waterhouse.

    It reproduces a scene from Greek mythology, where the beautiful

  • "Boreas"

    Work titled "Boreas", painted in 1903 by John William Waterhouse.

    It is one of the most famous American Pre-Raphaelite works. Although strictly

  • "The Shrine"

    Original title in English: The Shrine.

    Translated into Spanish as "El santuario". It is about

  • "The Charmer"

    Original title in English: "The Charmer".

    Translated into Spanish as La encantadora. It is about

  • "Echo and Narcissus"

    Original title in English: "Echo and Narcissus".

    Known in Spanish as "Eco y Narciso". Work painted in 1908 by

  • "Ariadne"

    "Ariadne" is a work by John William Waterhouse, painted in the year 1898...

  • "Apollo and Daphne"

    "Apollo and Daphne", an oil on canvas work, painted in 1908...

  • "The Soul of the Rose"

    "The Soul of the Rose", an oil painting completed in 1908...

  • "Diogenes"

    "Diogenes" is a technically complex work, painted in 1882 by John William Waterhouse

    The composition uses vanishing points and is constructed by interweaving

  • "A Grecian Flower Market"

    Shows 4 characters under a canopy looking at a table full of flowers offered by the seller. Painting by J. W. Waterhouse in 1880.

    A genre scene from the ancient world. The image is emotive, with shadows, postures, lights and

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