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Cuadros de Kandinsky al óleo

Kandinsky Oil Paintings

The paintings of this artist stand out for their eccentric combinations of colors and shapes. Learn more about the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky

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Yellow-Red-Blue, Kandinsky
Yellow-Red-Blue £134.00 GBP
Arch and Point, Kandinsky
Arch and Point £134.00 GBP
Composition VIII, Kandinsky
Composition VIII £134.00 GBP
Transverse Line, Kandinsky
Transverse Line £134.00 GBP
Color Study, Squares with Concentric Circles, Kandinsky
The Great Tower of Kiev, Kandinsky
Black and Violet, Kandinsky
Black and Violet £134.00 GBP
On the Points, Kandinsky
On the Points £134.00 GBP
For and Against, Kandinsky
For and Against £134.00 GBP
Murnau with Church I, Kandinsky
Fixed Flight, Kandinsky
Fixed Flight £134.00 GBP
Heavy Red, Kandinsky
Heavy Red £134.00 GBP
Floors, Kandinsky
Floors £134.00 GBP
Munich-Schwabing with the Church of St. Ursula, Kandinsky
Interior (My Dining Room), Kandinsky
Improvisation 19, Kandinsky
Improvisation 19 £134.00 GBP
Upward (Empor), Kandinsky
Upward (Empor) £134.00 GBP
Merry Structure, Kandinsky
Merry Structure £134.00 GBP
Blue Sky, Kandinsky
Blue Sky £134.00 GBP
Soft Hard, Kandinsky
Soft Hard £134.00 GBP
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