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Colección Sueños Urbanos

Urban Dreams Collection

"Urban Dreams" is an original collection of oil paintings from the Artwork-Vault studio, available only during the month of July 2024.

Made to capture the vibrant essence of city life. Each piece uses expressive brushstrokes and dynamic colors to evoke the energy, contrasts, and ethereal beauty of urban landscapes.

Urban Dreams

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Human chimneys
Human chimneys £628.00 GBP
Future London
Future London £628.00 GBP
Neon City
Neon City £628.00 GBP
The Flatiron
The Flatiron £628.00 GBP
Central Park Spirit
Vibrant Coast Guard
Subway Entrance
Subway Entrance £628.00 GBP
Study Day on Campus
Children of Fifth Avenue
New York Oldies
New York Oldies £628.00 GBP
Sunset Over the Metropolis
The Rooftop
The Rooftop £628.00 GBP