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Oil Abstracts

Decorating with Abstract Paintings

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When decorating a space with abstract paintings, it is important to consider the dimensions of the space, lighting, and colors. Paintings of this type are ideal for adding elegance and beauty, as they enhance the warmth of the room.

How to Decorate with Abstracts

To achieve a decoration that favors the aesthetics of an interior environment, there are four interior design rules that are useful for choosing appropriate abstract paintings.

- Proportion: the paintings should be in accordance with the size of the room and the wall where they will be hung, meaning the size of the painting should be larger for larger rooms.

- Color: the painting should pick up the tones present in the space being decorated, enhancing them with vivid colors.

- Light: the less illumination the walls have, the softer the colors that should be chosen.

- Texture: it is advisable to create strong contrasts between the different textures in the room, for example, if you have a smooth leather sofa, it would be fantastic to place a painting with a very rough texture nearby, it's a matter of playing with this characteristic, at the same time as with color, in this way both elements will win.

These aspects should be applied with common sense, they are the basic guidelines for achieving quality decoration.

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Abstract, Miró
Abstract £134.00 GBP
Green, Abstract
Green £114.00 GBP
Yellow Splash, Abstract
Yellow Splash £114.00 GBP
Blue Shapes, Abstract
Blue Shapes £114.00 GBP
Deconstruction, Abstract
Deconstruction £134.00 GBP
Minimalist, Abstract
Minimalist £114.00 GBP
Violet Purple, Abstract
Violet Purple £114.00 GBP
Orange, Abstract
Orange £114.00 GBP
Red, Abstract
Red £114.00 GBP
Red Lights, Abstract
Red Lights £114.00 GBP
Miró's Fantasy, Abstract
Miró's Fantasy £114.00 GBP
Grass and Sky, Abstract
Grass and Sky £114.00 GBP
Elegance, Abstract
Elegance £114.00 GBP
Colorful Abstraction
Blue II, Miró
Blue II £134.00 GBP
Melancholic Singer, Miró
The Rooster, Miró
The Rooster £134.00 GBP
The Gold of the Azure, Miró
Yellow-Red-Blue, Kandinsky
Yellow-Red-Blue £134.00 GBP
Composition VIII, Kandinsky
Composition VIII £134.00 GBP
Merry Structure, Kandinsky
Merry Structure £134.00 GBP
Color Study, Squares with Concentric Circles, Kandinsky
Transverse Line, Kandinsky
Transverse Line £134.00 GBP
Nude and Still Life, Picasso
Girl Before a Mirror, Picasso
Colors of the prism, oil
Japanese Spiral, Abstract
Japanese Spiral £114.00 GBP
Pink and Sky Blue Stain, Abstract
Circular forms. Sun and Moon, R. Delaunay
Super Chess, Paul Klee
Super Chess £114.00 GBP
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