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Modern art

Modern Art

Meet some current artists who break the mold:

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We offer a wide variety of modern paintings, art works that include paintings made from the late 19th century to the 1970s.

Oil paintings on canvas carefully reproduced by expert painters in imitating the strokes of the most famous artists in history, which we consider ideal for decoration.
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Modernism (style)
Abstract Paintings
Oil Paintings

What is modern art?

Modern art styles are characterized by their risky nature in terms of the aesthetic proposal they want to communicate. The masters of the late 19th century broke the canons of the reigning academic pictorial composition.

Those geniuses convinced of their innovative ideas, delighted us with their creative madness, which they manifested in carefree and well-executed brushstrokes, masters of Impressionism such as Joaquín Sorolla, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet are the initiators of what we consider modern painting. After them, figures emerged that cultivated different styles, among which stand out: expressionism, surrealism, cubism, and abstract.

20th Century Paintings

The most appreciated paintings by collectors today are those made in the 20th century. Although it is evident that since the early Middle Ages numerous painters have stood out, especially Italian and Spanish, it is the paintings of our immediate past that attract the most attention from museums, galleries, and art buyers.

One of the reasons is that these paintings are still circulating in the market. Unlike the great classical works almost entirely hoarded by museums.

Contemporary Paintings

Considered as contemporary paintings are those that have been produced since the 1970s, the variety of styles we find is enormous and does not take into account borders. Communications allow for immediate artistic diffusion, with opinions emerging almost instantly.

Today it is much easier to spread art, however, standing out and making a living from it, is reserved only for a few geniuses of painting or marketing.

Famous Oil Paintings
Despite the great artistic noise of today, it is the classic paintings that remain in the memory of the general public. For example, the cubist works of Pablo Picasso or the abstracts of Joan Miró, are not only remembered by the majority, but also strongly influence contemporary pictorial creation. It seems that the canons of composition created by them do not go out of style.

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The Artist's Garden at Giverny, Monet
Red, Abstract
Red £114.00 GBP
Colorful Abstraction
Chop Suey, Hopper
Chop Suey £134.00 GBP
Automat, Hopper
Automat £134.00 GBP
Dora Maar Portrait, Picasso
Black and Violet, Kandinsky
Black and Violet £134.00 GBP
Color Study, Squares with Concentric Circles, Kandinsky
Blue Sky, Kandinsky
Blue Sky £134.00 GBP
Yellow-Red-Blue, Kandinsky
Yellow-Red-Blue £134.00 GBP
Woman, Bird and Star (Homage to Pablo Picasso), Miró
Wheat Field, Monet
Wheat Field £134.00 GBP
Cafe Terrace at Night, Van Gogh
SoldScopic drive<br /> Rocío Arias (2019)Scopic drive<br /> Rocío Arias (2019)
Scopic drive £396.00 GBP
SoldBlues <br /> A. Croxatto (2018)Blues <br /> A. Croxatto (2018)
Blues £445.00 GBP
SoldPop Vases <br /> A. Croxatto (2017)Pop Vases <br /> A. Croxatto (2017)
Pop Vases £445.00 GBP
Japanese Spiral, Abstract
Japanese Spiral £114.00 GBP
Pink and Sky Blue Stain, Abstract
Circular forms. Sun and Moon, R. Delaunay
Super Chess, Paul Klee
Super Chess £114.00 GBP
SoldNostalgia del este<br /> Rocío Arias (2019)Nostalgia del este<br /> Rocío Arias (2019)
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