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Umberto Boccioni

Fortunato Depero

Born in 1892, he is an Italian artist, painter, sculptor, set designer, interior decorator, and advertiser, a representative of the Futurist movement. A pupil of Giacomo Balla, he declared himself and his master futurist abstractionists. In 1915, he co-wrote with Balla the manifesto "Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe," which reviewed and went beyond the ideas of other Futurists, opening the doors to the second Futurism, conventionally marked by the death of Umberto Boccioni in 1916.

The Works

Depero's paintings reflect the evolution of Futurism and exhibit strong expressive energy through the use of color and geometric shapes, two typical elements in the works from the latter part of the artistic movement. His paintings are a true ode to color and light, as we will see in our selection.

The Museum

In Rovereto, it is possible to visit the Fortunato Depero Futurist Art House, which has been restored and houses many works of the artist, and is the only museum in Italy entirely dedicated to an active member of Futurism.

Written by Roberta Piana